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Insight 19 December 2017

Triple M training project

Every year, a group of nine Dutch trainers travel to The Gambia in West Africa to deliver the Triple M training project.

The project is aimed at staff in the hospitality industry and is based on passion, fun and a wish to support using the language of Insights Discovery and the four colour model.


Triple M stands for: My country, My hotel and My guest. The philosophy behind the three areas is simple – if every staff member working in hospitality knows all there is to know about each area and is an expert, you can optimise service and hospitality at all levels.


L&D Consultant Elma Niessen from Insights Benelux started the programme in 2011. Triple M brings personal and professional development and training to people who don’t have easy access to it. It’s free of charge for participants and the trainers work on a voluntary basis.


With the energy and passion of everyone involved, Triple M has become the biggest educational charity programme in The Gambia hospitality. Over 600 Gambians join every year where 75 different training sessions are organised, all within a time frame of two weeks. Most hotels that allow their staff to take part have witnessed their guest satisfaction ratings go up.


Triple M helps Gambians to understand themselves better as individuals and workers in an international industry. Cultural differences are highlighted using the language of colour. As a result, the vast majority of people within the hospitality world are familiar with the language of colour. Triple M contributes to the unlocking of human potential in Africa, powered by Insights Benelux.


Elma facilitates the management teams of the hotels with the support of four colleagues:


  • Marianne Akerboom is responsible for training pool boys and staff on awareness of procedures in case of incidents and accidents
  • Femke Hendriks is Project Assistant for Triple M
  • Renee Wap, a retired L&D Consultant from Insights Benelux trains supervisors in basic leadership skills
  • Licensed Practitioner Herman Triemstra facilitates the hospitality sessions.

If you’d like to find out more about this brilliant initiative, please contact Elma:

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