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Become an Insights Practitioner

Insights Discovery gets right to the heart of any business challenge - and we can help you harness its power in your own organisation.

Nobody knows the challenges your organisation is facing better than those on the inside.

That's why we've accredited thousands of people across the world, putting the power of Insights Discovery where it belongs - in the hands of your learning and development professionals.

If you're a learning and development consultant looking to use Insights Discovery with your own customers, please visit our Becoming a Partner page for more information.

What are the Practitioner benefits?

Begin your journey with Discovery and learn how to embed our principles within your organisation. Explore our Virtual and Face to Face IDAs below.

Why choose accreditation?

When your people become Insights Discovery Practitioners, you create an in-house network of learning and development experts with the power of Insights Discovery at their fingertips. Saving time and money for your organisation, your people get the added benefit of development workshops delivered by colleagues whom they know and trust, and who know your business challenges inside out.

Having an Insights Discovery Practitioner within your organisation ensures the learning is long-lasting, as it can be connected with day-to-day operations and communications, and given real-world applicability from day one.

Watch our short video to get a feel for what you can expect on your Insights Discovery Accreditation.

What are the benefits?

Looking for even more reasons to sign up to one of our upcoming courses?

Here are just a handful of advantages you can look forward to following the successful completion of your IDA.

  • Access to the Insights Discovery learning system to use as part of your in-house learning solutions

  • Insights Discovery Personal Profiles can be produced in-house for maximum cost effectiveness

  • Learning is provided by your own experts, who intimately understand your business issues

  • Ongoing support from Insights, helping you tailor Insights Discovery to address your challenges

Who can become accredited?

At the Insights Discovery Accreditation (or IDA) itself, we'll teach delegates everything they need to know about working with Discovery; however we'll assume that they have one to two years' facilitation and/or coaching experience already.

Delegates will also need to know a little bit about Insights Discovery, having attended a workshop or had a coaching session with their profile. Some knowledge of other psychometric tools or theories is really useful, too.

You had me at hello! - how does it work?

When you register to attend an IDA you'll need to do a little bit of learning in an e-module before we get started with the face to face stuff. Once we get together this is how the four-day course shapes up:



We help you understand the origins and technical details of the Insights Discovery model.



We show you a detailed walk-through of a best practice agenda and help you unlock the magic of a workshop.



You'll be on your feet and putting your learning into action, having a go at facilitating and coaching using Insights Discovery.



Explore practical ways to address your business challenges and uncover ways to keep the magic of Insights Discovery alive in your workplace.

What's it like to be an Insights Discovery Practitioner?

Look at us just rambling on, don't just take our word for it...

Watch our short video to hear from some of our amazing Client Practitioners on the benefits of being part of our learning and development family and how they've made a positive impact in their organisations by applying the power of Insights.

What are the Practitioner benefits?


Check out some of the most common questions about the IDA, and let us know if we've forgotten something!

What does it cost?

Joining an IDA is usually part of a wider solution. Please contact us or talk this over with your own Insights representative.

Is accommodation included in the cost?

No it's not, but we do have special rates agreed with our venues. When you register we'll send you more information so you can book directly with the hotel.

Are lunches and snacks included?

Yes, absolutely. As well as all the coffee you can drink!

What's the dress code?

Relaxed work gear or whatever you're most comfortable learning in. Suits not required, but no pyjamas please!

Is there work to complete afterwards?

Yes, the learning continues, with some work to be done before you become officially accredited as a practitioner.

What are the timings?

We generally begin around 9am on Day One for four full days of learning, but we'll send you exact details after you've registered.

Where and when?

We have a variety of locations and dates; click here to find one that suits you.

How do I register?

We'll need to chat with you before you sign up. Drop us a line and we'll be in touch to find out more about your business needs.

I'm a learning and development consultant: can I become accredited?

I don't see why not! Reach out to us and we'll talk you through what's required.

Can I deliver Insights to my own clients?

Yes, please take a look at our Becoming a Partner page for more information.