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Sales and Service

Why you should care

The old adage that people buy from people has never gone out of style. If anything, it’s become more relevant now your consumers expect a higher level of connection and personalisation from the people they buy from.

Enhancing authentic connections with your customers is crucial. It empowers you to see the person behind the customer and builds the genuine human connection needed to produce positive outcomes for your sales team.

Can you really afford to ignore authentic human connection in your sales approach?


Investing in sales training results in a 353% ROI* [Accenture, 2018]

How Insights works with you

Insights specialises in the human side of sales.

We help your salespeople adapt their approach so they can manage the impact they have on customers, leading to more successful interactions.

No two sales conversations are the same.

What you’re selling might be the same, but each customer is different, with different needs, expectations, motivations, preferences and biases.

Insights gives your salespeople a grounded yet agile skillset that empowers them to authentically adapt to every customer

What does it look like?

Your learning is built on understanding self and others, delivered through a sales portfolio that lets your learners build their knowledge cumulatively.

You start with Insights Discovery, a simple and accessible model that breaks down psychology into easy-to-understand behaviours we can all see in people around us.

This gives your salespeople a foundation in self-awareness that they can immediately use to improve relationships.
Salespeople can then apply their learning through the Discovering Sales Effectiveness facilitated session and take it even further with the advanced Discovering Sales and Influencing programme.

These programmes build on the understanding already gained in Insights Discovery and teach your salespeople how to apply it in sales settings.

They can be delivered alongside your existing sales methodologies to enhance your focus on human connections.

Insights Sales Effectiveness

The results

Where there is connection on a human level, relationships bloom, which is why Insights specialises in upskilling salespeople to enrich conversations, build sustainable relationships and tap into those human skills that differentiate the top salespeople.

Our person-centred approach helps salespeople with their biggest challenges and priorities:

  • Customer focus: Identify the outcomes we both want to achieve and how I can impact that through my approach
  • Closing opportunities: Better predict and prepare for objections and concerns, so I don’t lose my customer’s attention
  • Customer empathy: Really understand the customer’s perspective, so I can be versatile and authentic in all my interactions
  • Customer retention and loyalty: Build relationships based on genuine connections, so my customers choose to stay
  • Speed to performance: Understand my approach and where I need to adapt to make strong connections, faster
  • Influencing skills: Perfect my human skills, so I can influence the outcomes I need from important conversations