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Our Practitioner Development Programme

Designed to build experts who guide people solutions in business

Want to be part of a global community of people who are building amazing people solutions in their business?

Our Insights practitioners use their knowledge and expertise of self-awareness to create people development solutions across many industries, sectors and cultures around the world.

Take your professional development to the next level and bring the human to the core of every business challenge.

Our Practitioner Development programme helps you to:

Make an impact

Our Practitioner Development helps you to become an expert people consultant so you can confidently advise your business and direct your learners to successfully navigate business challenges, whilst keeping the human at the centre. Ensure you are part of evolving approaches to learning in the new world of work. Use the power of self-awareness to meet the needs and aspirations of your people.

Supercharge your professional development

Get access to ongoing development pathways which will support you in building your professional skills and your expertise when it comes to applying self-awareness and human skills to real business challenges. You will also have access to thousands of thinking partners, and this will open the door to innovation.

Join our global community

Learning doesn’t stop at accreditation. Your journey continues through access to Insights experts, becoming part of a global community of practitioners where you can learn from each other, share best practice and create peer support, and access to a curriculum of professional development for you to select how you want to continue to grow with Insights.

Bring value to your organisation

Supporting individuals and teams to increase their self-awareness and recognise different working styles has significant impact on their ability to be successful at work.  As an Insights Practitioner you will be able to apply human skill theory and people solutions to your organisations most pressing business challenges.

Exclusive access to our knowledge & community hub

Access a private online community and learning platform built just for practitioners and get instant, unlimited downloads of workshop materials, learning resources, exclusive, up-to-the-moment content, and marketing collateral.

Become a part of our thriving community where you can join the conversation, grow your network, ask questions and gain instant support from our global practitioner online community – great for personal development alongside finding solutions for your business.

Existing practitioner?

Our Live learning workshops are available in various time zones and languages to meet your needs. No matter where you are on your learning journey with us, we have development opportunities that are right for you.

View the development calendar and sign up to live learning workshops here.

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