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Virtual Accreditation Calendar

What is the virtual accreditation?

The virtual accreditation delivers the same rich learning experience as the face-to-face session, from the comfort of your home office and follows the same four-day agenda.

It’s been designed to maximise engagement and learning quality by following best practice virtual delivery methods. Learners will get the full benefit of video conferencing technology, interactive activities and facilitator-led content to give them the confidence and expertise they need to deliver their own sessions.

  • Greater flexibility of delivery options, including dates, locations and timescales

  • More sustainable method for delivery of large scale programmes over time

  • The ability to weave Insights Discovery into existing or new learning programmes

  • Practitioners have access to further development and upskilling, as well as delivery and application support from Insights


Take a look at some of the most common questions about the virtual IDA and let us know if we've forgotten something!

How much is it to attend a virtual IDA?

Attending a virtual Insights Discovery Accrediation (IDA) is usually part of a wider business solution. Please contact us for costings or discuss the IDA with your own Insights representative.

How many spaces are available in a virtual IDA?

The virtual IDA is limited to 12 delegates to ensure that the learning experience maximises engagement and learning for the group. We want to create a virtual experience that is as impactful and rich as the face-to-face IDA which we take beyond the learning to building relationships and community within the IDA group.

How do I register for a virtual IDA?

If you would like to learn more about registering for the virtual IDA, please contact us today.

How do I attend virtually?

When you register for the virtual IDA, you will receive information on how to join. We use the Zoom platform for the virtual IDA and have incorporated the flexibility of the platform’s functionality to enhance the learning in the virtual space.

What are the virtual IDA timings?

The learning schedule takes place over 4 days. Days 1 – 3 are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Day 4 is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Days 1-3 are 8 hours in duration with 6 hours of in-room learning and Day 4 is 5.5 hours with 4.5 hours of in-room learning. To ensure we provide the most approachable learning experience, we include 30-minute morning and afternoon breaks and 60-minute lunch breaks.

How do I find out if a virtual IDA is available in my country and language?

You can see the schedule for the virtual IDA in the ‘Virtual accreditation dates’ section further down this page.

Is there work to complete afterwards?

There is a requirement of approximately one hour of pre-work to prepare for the virtual IDA learning experience along with approximately 30 minutes of homework each day. Post-IDA requirements include practice Profile conversations and an on-boarding call with your account management team.

I’m a learning and development consultant: can I become accredited virtually?

Yes! We have a wide community of Insights Partners. Your virtual accreditation enables you to include Insights Discovery in your solutions with your clients. Please see more information on our practitioner benefits page on how to become an Insights Partner.

Virtual accreditation dates

We have virtual accreditation dates spanning multiple time zones, giving you more opportunities to join us. Click on the accordion below to check out our accreditation calendar, then contact us to begin the conversation!

Upcoming dates

France2022November 22 - 25French
New Zealand2022November 22 - 25English
Germany2022Nov 29 - Dec 1 & Dec 22German
North America (CT)2022December 19 - 20English
North America (CT)2022December 19 - 22English
Netherlands2022Dec 7 - 9 & Jan 16 2023Dutch
Spain2022November 22 - 25Spanish
Singapore2022December 6 - 9English
France2022December 13 - 16French
North America (CT)2023January 10 - 13English
UK2023January 10 - 13English
Spain2023January 12-13 & 16-17Spanish
North America (CT)2023January 17 - 20English
UK2023January 17 - 20English
Netherlands2023January 18 - 20 & Day 4 (March 6)Dutch
North America (ET)2023January 24 - 27English
North America (CT)2023January 31 - 3 FebruaryEnglish
UK (A)2023January 31 - 3 FebruaryEnglish
UK (B)2023January 31 - 3 FebruaryEnglish
North America (CT)2023February 7 - 10English
UK2023February 7 - 10English
North America (PT)2023February 14 - 17English
UK (A)2023February 14 - 17English
UK (B)2023February 14 - 17English
Netherlands2023February 15 - 17 & Day 4 (April 3)Dutch
North America (CT)2023February 21 - 24English
UK2023February 21 - 24English
North America (CT)2023February 28 - 3 MarchEnglish
UK (A)2023February 28 - March 3English
UK (B)2023February 28 - March 3English
North America (ET)2023March 7 - 10English
UK2023March 7 - 10English
North America (CT)2023March 14 - 17English
Spain2023March 14 - 17Spain
UK (A)2023March 14 - 17English
UK (B)2023March 14 - 17English
Netherlands2023March 15 - 17 & Day 4 (May 8)Dutch
North America (CT)2023March 21 - 24English
UK2023March 21 - 24English
North America (PT)2023February 28 - 3 MarchEnglish
UK2023March 28 - April 3English
UK2023March 28 - April 3English
Netherlands2023April 19 - 21 & Day 4 (June 5)Dutch
Netherlands2023May 24 - 26 & Day 4 (July 3)Dutch
Netherlands2023June 28 - 30 & Day 4 (August 28)Dutch
Netherlands2023August 23 - 25 & Day 4 (October 2)Dutch
Netherlands2023September 20 - 22 & Day 4 (November 6)Dutch
Netherlands2023October 11 - 13 & Day 4 (December 4)Dutch
Netherlands2023November 15 - 17 & Day 4 (January 8, 2024)Dutch
Netherlands2023December 6 - 8 & Day 4 (January 29, 2024)Dutch
UK2023January 17 - 20English
Japan2023February 7 - 10Japanese
Singapore2023February 28 - 3 MarchEnglish
New Zealand2023December 13 - 16English
UK2023January 31 - 3 FebruaryEnglish
UK202328 February - 3 MarchEnglish
UK2023March 21 - 24English

Why choose virtual accreditation?

Virtual learning is a flexible and accessible way to develop talent within global organisations. There are countless benefits to virtual learning, including reduced time investment, no travel costs or carbon footprint, global accessibility and greater moment-of-need responsiveness. This kind of learning allows you to bring teams together virtually from different regions and maintain the momentum and effectiveness of your people development programmes.

The virtual IDA will give you the knowledge and skills you need to deliver virtual Insights Discovery sessions, letting you reach your entire workforce for immediate, flexible and sustainable development.

Watch this short video to hear what our clients think about the virtual format.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about the virtual IDA

It was interactive, packed full of brilliant content and an absolute pleasure to be part of. So much information and that’s only just scratching the surface, with so many more resources now available to me as a practitioner. I can’t wait to get going with it and using it with my stakeholders to help them in so many different ways.

Lyndsey Devereux, Learning & Development Business Partner

I just graduated from the session and want you to know it was outstanding. The virtual delivery works!

Pete Winiarski, CEO, Win Enterprises

Receiving the IDA through a virtual delivery option worked really well. Two weeks on, I have already delivered my own first virtual session. 

Fiona Knight, HR Business Partner

I was amazed at what the trainer could do virtually. I would recommend virtual training following this course.

Alyson Scott, HR Business Partner

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