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Virtual Solutions

The global pandemic has changed the world of work, possibly forever.

Virtual learning isn’t new, but the current crisis has elevated it from a convenient way to bring globally dispersed teams together for sustainable learning, to an essential part of every organisation’s talent development strategy.

Not only are people now learning from home, but most are also working from home – and for some it’s for the very first time. This switch to remote working brings its own challenges as individuals adjust to their new working environment and attempt to work as effectively with colleagues as they did when able to meet face-to-face.

In this virtual world, teams also need to find new ways to connect and collaborate on projects, while leaders are tasked with building the right culture for individuals who all work from home.

What organisations need right now is virtual learning that’s designed to solve some of these challenges, which is why Insights offer a selection of virtual solutions that:

  • Help individuals and teams adjust to – and work effectively in – virtual environments
  • Improve communication and collaboration for virtual teams
  • Support leaders of virtual teams to get the best out of themselves and those they lead

The benefits of virtual learning

In a time where businesses need to be more agile than ever, virtual learning is a flexible and accessible way for global organisations to develop their talent.

Whether you have international offices around the world or you’re having to adapt to entire teams working from home for the first time, virtual learning can bring teams together so they can communicate better, work more effectively and keep deliverables on track.

There are countless benefits to virtual learning, including reduced time investment, no travel costs or carbon footprint, global accessibility and greater moment-of-need responsiveness. This kind of learning allows you to bring teams together virtually from different regions and maintain the momentum and effectiveness of your people development programmes.


of organisations use virtual classes to reach geographically dispersed workers – Association for Talent Development (ATD)

How our virtual solutions work

We know that virtual learning needs to be delivered differently to in-person learning to be effective. Learners need to be engaged and fully immersed in the content and conversations to receive the full learning impact, and this can be a challenge when your learners aren’t in a room together.

Insights has developed solutions that take the very best of virtual delivery practices to ensure your learners experience the same wow factor that has made us a leader in positive and impactful learner experiences. Through a combination of facilitator-led conversations, interactive activities, virtual breakout sessions and powerful content, we’ll help your learners meet their – and your – learning objectives, so that they can return to work ready to apply what they’ve learned.

Contact us below to learn how our virtual solutions can help your teams rise to the challenge of today’s disrupted world.

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