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Insights API

Introducing the Insights API

The data from our API can help your people work better together using the Insights Discovery model.

Insights was created with the purpose of helping everyone truly understand themselves and others, and to enable them to make a positive difference in everything they do. The Insights APIs take this a step further by enabling organisations to use the Insights models and their preference data to bring the power of awareness to any tool or system within their business.

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The power of personality at your fingertips

Embed the skills people learn in Insights workshops into your platform, products or processes. The Insights API makes the Insights evaluator, colour energy data and profile statements available at any time, in every language we support. 

Use cases

The data returned by the Insights API means endless possibility. Our customers are building new and interesting experiences in a variety of spaces: 

  • Communicationuse personality data to improve communication and collaboration. 
  • See your data in colouruse the API and apply Discovery data to solve problems and gain insights.
  • Personal developmentgive people opportunities to self-reflect and be more successful. 
  • Sales Cycleuse personalised advice and strategies at each point of the sales process to elevate performance.

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