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Grow your business with Insights

Elevate your offerings and set your business up for success

Learning and Talent Development Professionals find themselves asking, how can I help my clients:

  • Build strong relationships and bring the human into a hybrid world
  • Increase effective communication and build resilient teams
  • Develop sales teams that understand the demands of our customers
  • Bring authentic leaders to the forefront and effectively lead hybrid teams
  • Re-evaluate their purpose and achieve their objectives in the new world of work

Do you relate? If so, Insights can help!

At Insights, we are committed to helping you empower your clients while building a booming business.

Why partners choose us

At Insights, our Partner Channel is an important and valued area of our business. By working closely with our Partners through a long-term, valued partnership, we can help you grow your business and generate more revenue.


The Product

Our people-focused approach inspired us to develop a proven product that is easy to adopt due to its simplicity, stickiness, depth, memorability, and enjoyable nature.


The Adaptability

Our solutions can seamlessly complement and enhance your existing client training workshops and programs. Integrate Insights Discovery into your tailored solutions to meet your clients unique business needs.


The Support

We will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. From access to resources and ongoing learning to dedicated teams to support you with marketing and business development to help you grow your business.


The Community

Join a network of like-minded professionals, striving to make a difference for their customers. With access to a team of Insights experts, join a supportive community to set your clients up for success and help you elevate your business to the next level.

Is becoming an Insights Partner right for you?

  1. You are an expert in the field of Learning and Development.

  2. You have an established client base and deliver long-lasting, high-impact experiences that transform your client’s L&D needs.

  3. You have an appetite to take your business to the next level with a long-term Partnership.

Interested? Get in touch here and elevate your business today.

The journey of an Insights Partner

Attend an Insights Discovery Accreditation (IDA)

Learn what you need to know in order to apply Insights Discovery to the business challenges your clients face.

Learn more

Join the Insights Partner Network

Join us as a Distributor or Licensed Practitioner and become part of a valued network of Partners.

Manage Your License

Through an annual license you will get access to exclusive resources to help you market Insights and grow your business.

Develop and Grow

Our Practitioner development programme ensures life-long learning and our expert Account Management team help you develop and grow your business.

Listen to these partner successes!

Watch our video to hear from our Partner community about the many benefits of being part of our Insights family.

Learn how we support our Partners to introduce the language of colour to their clients.

Read our practitioner testimonials

Hear from some of our Partners about the benefits of becoming accredited and joining the Insights family.

Watch Partners Scott and Linda Schwefel speak about the benefits of utilising Insights Discovery with their clients.

Partner Paula Forbes tells us how Insights Discovery can help people talk about race and diversity in a safe and trusting environment.

Licensed Practitioner Jean Davidson discusses her own journey of self-awareness with Insights Discovery, and how that has impacted her work, her life and her relationships.

Partner Owen Henderson relies on Insights Discovery to strategically guide his client's through times of change.

Partner Solutions

As a consultant, you need to have the best products on the market as part of your toolkit. When you become an Insights Partner, you don’t just get to use one of the best-known tools around, we make it easy for you to maximise the benefits too.

Insights Discovery is ideal if your clients want to:

  • Understand their unique personality

  • Develop their interpersonal skills

  • Improve their communication

  • Create better personal and professional relationships

Browse our solutions below

Answer our pre-selection questions to start your practitioner journey and turn more of your leads into customers.

Personal effectiveness

Through Insights Discovery, individuals will gain a common language that has wide-ranging benefits, including connecting colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries, and providing a safe platform for feedback conversations.

Team Effectiveness

Discovering Team Effectiveness looks at team preferences. How a team works together - and how this aligns to how each individual likes to work - has a serious impact on how effective it can be as a collective.

Leadership development

Our leadership programs are instantly applicable, because our focus is on making it real for the leaders in the room. Leadership development should never be left to chance or seen as a nice to have - building transformational leaders is the cornerstone of any successful organisation.

Sales and service

With our relationship-based selling approach, meeting your customers' needs will become as easy as pie. Discovering Sales Effectiveness is for anyone who wants to successfully influence their customers and stakeholders, by dialing up that human connection.

Change management

Our change program, Thriving Through Change, uses Insights Discovery as a foundation to understand how different people process change in different ways. It helps learners to understand their reaction to stress, their preferred communication style when it comes to change, how they process information, and what motivates and engages them when change is underway. Insights Discovery helps everyone to proactively respond to changes rather than just reacting to them.