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Insight 08 February 2016

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Four team members and two Licensed Practitioners from Insights Benelux climbed Africa’s highest mountain in Africa in aid of War Child recently.

War Child is a Dutch charity that provides life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war.

The charity organises Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Challenges, where participants scale the mountain’s daunting 5895 metres in an effort to raise money.

Finance Manager Marcel Dol heard about the challenge and got so excited that he convinced his colleagues to join him. In the end, he recruited CRM and Event Management Judith Tegels, Marketing Tessa Meinsma, Learning and Development Consultant Gerben Willemse, Licensed Practitioner Mélise van der Ven and Licensed Practitioner Glenn Holster.

Client Relationship Management Judith Tegels said:

When war sweeps through a child’s life, it can have devastating effects. As a result of armed conflict, children and young people can become anxious, depressed and withdrawn, or rebellious and aggressive. In order to overcome this, the charity provides children and young people with psychosocial support, education and protection.

Since 1 September 2015, the entire Insights Benelux office has worked together to organise a variety of different fundraising activities including, bake sales, auctions, seminars and dinners.

The intrepid explorers left for Tanzania on Thursday 28 January, with the challenge getting underway on Sunday 31 January. The whole team reached the summit by Friday 5 February and, after one relaxing day near the swimming pool, flew home on Monday 8 February.

Their goal was to raise a total of €72,000, symbolising Insights’ Discovery wheel, but also enough money to help 1000 children for one year. You can still help them to reach their goal by making a donation via their fundraising page or by transferring your donation through: NL92ABNA0525106561 for the attention of ‘Kili Challenge 2016’ Insights B.V.

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