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Insight 14 August 2018

Gift of Discovery - Jeux de la Francophonie

The cities of Moncton/Dieppe (New Brunswick, Canada) will host the Games of the Francophony International in 2021.

The international organisation has two full-time employees based in Paris but the games occur once every four years in different countries across the world. The last games were in Cote d’Ivoire in Africa. Every game has its organising committee which is independent from the previous one, therefore, it is a new organisation for every games.

The Canadian (NB; Moncton/Dieppe) committee is made up of nine directors from various sectors (arts, diplomatic, sports, management, etc.). They recently benefited from an Insights Discovery experience, delivered through the Gift of Discovery initiative. The experience will help them to better adapt and connect with each other and also serve as a foundation throughout their journey to organise such a huge event with limited resources.

They will need to build a 150-200 organisation with the support of 6000 volunteers that will be responsible for the games in three years' time.

Client Practitioner Rachel Hache delivered the Gift of Discovery to the organising committee. She said:

The feedback was really positive and they felt the timing of this gift was perfect since they have been working together for a few months and they are just embarking on this amazing yet intense journey of organizing a world event. They feel that this session will support them in working even more effectively and efficiently as team, enhance their collaboration and contribute greatly in the overall success of the international games.

A participant said:

Insights Discovery is like magic; it brought to light things that normally would be left unseen, allowing us to see each team member in a new light, gaining deeper appreciation of our differences and our preferences, even our own. Our team wheel will serve as a map to guide us through our journey as a team to organize these major games and welcome the world to the Jeux de la Francophonie à Moncton/Dieppe au Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada en 2021.
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