Fay Younger

"Where you are now is exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to go tomorrow. So appreciate where you are"

What links a meditating master with an avid party planner? Meet Fay Younger, Learning Consultant to our Global Clients at Insights...

  • What is Fay's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Fay's Insights Discovery wheel position is 46; this means she leads with Sunshine Yellow energy but has a strong preference for Fiery Red and Earth Green energy too!

    From Fay's Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that she:

    • Enjoys work that provides variety as she is quick and resourceful and can turn her attention to many things
    • Can generate positive energy and high morale within most groups or teams
    • Is highly articulate with a quick sense of humour

  • If Fay were an animal what would she be?

    She would be a dog, not unlike her 'niece' who's a young springer spaniel. The breed description reads 'friendly, active, quick to learn, affectionate and excitable' which is frighteningly close to the mark and she is pretty sure that her boss would agree!

  • Fay's defining moments at Insights (so far...)

    It actually started before she joined, when she found herself sitting on stage as a customer of Insights, being interviewed at their Global Leadership conference. She knew there and then that she wanted to be part of Insights; the energy, passion and belief she felt from the audience of Insights leaders was incredible. Definitely a case of following her dream and now she is part of the Insights vision and living her dream.

  • How you may meet Fay

    Working in the Global Clients team, with customers worldwide to develop and deliver learning solutions to support their strategic goals. Day to day that involves lots of listening and learning, content development, relationship building and knowledge sharing.

  • What motivates Fay?

    Knowing that she has made a difference, at work, at home and in life. At work that's about transforming organisations through individual development and ultimately supporting people to realise their potential.  When she left her last job she was reminded of the extent of her impact on individuals from messages in her leaving card. She reminds herself regularly now, it's a great motivator.

  • Scratch the surface and you’ll find

    She has a keen interest in health and well-being. With a job that involves a lot of travel, being able to stay healthy and recharge her energy is important. That means embracing rural life in France, being outdoors as much as possible with her dog and chickens when she is at home and regularly meditating and practising reiki to restore her balance, she can take that anywhere!

    She is also an avid party planner, usually found trying to weave a fancy dress theme into proceedings.