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Andi Lothian

Andi Lothian

Founding Director

Back in the 1960s, Andi was in showbiz; as an agent and promoter he worked with The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and many others. In fact, Andi is famed as the creator of the term Beatlemania! But as the Swinging Sixties came to an end, Andi moved into insurance, building a successful business which was bought by a national insurer in 1988, allowing Andi to look to new horizons.

This is when Andi's interest in personal development and the typology of Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, led him to the creation of the Insights organisation, along with his son Andy.

As founding Director of Insights, Andi continues his involvement primarily through the research and development activities of Insights Discovery. He's a recognised expert on the typology of CG Jung, and deals with daily requests on the subject.

A day in the life

Andi's work is complex, unpredictable and busy - much like his average day! You can find him dealing with requests about Jung's work and typology, talking to his thriving LinkedIn community, connecting with our customers, and wowing audiences around the world with his engaging, knowledgeable facilitation style.

Make it personal

  • Andi and his wife Sheila share the same birthday and were actually born in the same minute – 10.55pm on the 11th June - although three years apart
  • Andi hosted an STV music show in the Sixties, called Teen-beat
  • Andi has six children and 19 grandchildren (interestingly, the same number as CG Jung)

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