Dan Phillips

Be generous of spirit and big of heart

What links a lightbulb moment with a lover of festivals? Meet our Workshop Facilitator, Dan Phillips...

  • What is Dan's Insights Discovery Wheel position?

    Dan's Insights Discovery wheel position is 27, this means he leads with Sunshine Yellow energy closely followed by Earth Green energy.

    From his Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that Dan:

    • is adaptable, easy-going, warm, friendly and generous
    • excels in promoting harmony around him
    • has an ability to let others work at their own pace coupled with an awareness of the unique contribution each person makes

  • How you may meet Dan

    In a bookshop, a record shop, a gym, a pub, a tennis court, a cinema or on his sofa. However you will most often find him out and about with his wife and two small boys, Charlie and Teddy. If it is late June, he will be at Glastonbury.

  • What motivates Dan?

    Professionally, Dan is motivated by fun interactions, learning and light-bulb moments that come from the asking of really effective questions. Outside of work it is food, wine and laughter which usually involves his friends and family.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    A slightly more introverted and sensitive version of what you see on the outside. Fun loving, warm and empathic with a huge desire for harmony.

  • If Dan were a country, animal or song what would he be?

    Choosing all three, if he were a country he would be Italy because of its focus on family, togetherness and beauty. If he were an animal he would be a loyal puppy with a mischevious streak. And the song that represents him is Mr Brightside by The Killers. Not necessarily because of the lyrics: just the title and the fact that it is one of the few songs that can get him onto the dancefloor!

  • Dan's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    He has had so many but has singled it down to two that stand out. One is being a lead facilitator at our Live and in Colour conferences in July 2015 which he found inspiring and hugely enjoyable. The other was when he dressed up as a Captain Jack Sparrow for a UK Region night out - when it was his second week in the job!

  • Who is Dan's hero?

    His hero would be Billy Connolly as he seems to bring huge warmth, humour, tolerance and appreciation of humanity to any room.