Will Grewar

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Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone

What links a snowboarder with classical music? Meet Will Grewar, Digital Editor at Insights...

  • What is Will's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Will's Insights Discovery wheel position is 51; this means he leads with Earth Green energy but also has a strong preference for Sunshine Yellow and Cool Blue energy too!

    From Will's Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that he:

    • Is a curious and keen observer of life
    • Senses the needs of the group
    • Can show ingenuity and imagination

  • Who is Will's hero?

    Will doesn't really have a hero as such but does admire a lecturer he had at university. He was so knowledgable (about everything!), charismatic and great at presenting. He is the type of person Will would like to be one day.

  • How you may meet Will

    Usually at the park running after his dog Scamp, because he is the least obedient dog there. Or snowboarding down The Alps while stopping off to enjoy a Jack Daniels and Coke in an après ski bar.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find...

    When Will is stressed, his Fiery Red energy shows up as, “Be brief, be bright, be gone!” And when he needs to concentrate, he listens to classical music; usually soundtracks from movies.

  • What motivates Will?

    Helping people develop great ideas and themselves. Seeing something start as a notion and helping it grow into something great is inspiring. He finds that using models and tools helps prompt creative thinking and can be a great support when working.