Joanna Shaw

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Ways to connect

What links a karaoke queen with someone who loves getting lost in a book? Meet Joanna Shaw, Discovery Advocacy Coordinator at Insights...

  • If Joanna were a song, what would she be and why?

    Firework by Katy Perry. Positive and inspiring and great to sing to your best friend when they need lifted!

  • Joanna's defining moment at Insights (so far...)

    Receiving my first Insights Discovery Personal Profile! That's when I realised I hadn't just started a new job, I had started a journey that would change me and help me grow.

  • What is Joanna's Insights Discovery Wheel Position?

    Joanna sits at wheel position 28 on the Insights Discovery wheel and leads with Sunshine Yellow energy. From her Insights Discovery Personal Profile we know that she:

    • Is compassionate, with a caring and concerned approach
    • Tried to bring harmony to every situation
    • Will look for the good in people and events

  • Who is Joanna's hero?

    Soppy Mummy warning(!) but it would be my children. They have endured five moves in the last four years, two of which were international. They made new friends in each place, learnt new cultures, kept me sane and were so brave through it all!

  • What motivates Joanna?

    Happiness in others, whether it's family, friends, colleagues.  I like to know everyone is doing alright and try to help if they aren't. That's where I find my happiness.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find...

    Joanna is most happy at home watching movies and comedy her beautiful kids Conor and Abby. Alternatively, she is a bit of a karaoke queen whose ideal night out is singing at the local karaoke club with her best friends. Belting out a heartfelt song is the best way to unwind!