Helen Studzinski

Happiness is a butterfly, when pursued is always beyond our grasp….but if you sit quietly it may alight upon you.

Ways to connect

What links an equestrian with a natural entrepreneur? Meet Helen Studzinski Client Development Manager at Insights...

  • If Helen were a food what would she be?

    An avocado because whilst they are good for you, they are a bit of an acquired taste and are almost as naughty a treat as chocolate (one of her vices!)

  • What is Helen's Discovery wheel position?

    Helen sits in position 25 on the Insights Discovery wheel and leads with Sunshine Yellow energy. From her Discovery Personal Profile Helen’s energies show up as:

    • A natural entrepreneur, inquisitive and adaptable
    • Investigative, interested and inventive
    • Has an outgoing nature and builds relationships quickly

  • What motivates Helen?

    She loves it when the lightbulb moments happen. Coaching and client dialogues about issues that need to be shifted or solved. Making a big or small difference always does it for her.

  • How does Helen use her colour energies?

    The combination of Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red energy gives Helen a bright orange combination! She enjoys the conversation and engagement with clients, creating possibilities and finding ways to make the impossible possible.

  • How you may meet Helen

    Racing up and down the M4 motorway coaching, facilitating and supporting clients (within the speed limit of course).

    And when not at work Helen loves to be in the great outdoors. You might meet her thundering along a bridle path on her horse Alice. Or competing in grass roots affiliated competitions, particularly British Eventing.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    Someone with a fascination for what makes people tick and how to get the best of them. Helen is passionate about making a difference to people and helping them max on their potential.

    And a love for all things horsey. Helen has been around horses most of her life - and believes they are a great leveller and friend when things are tough.