Steven Tory

Steven TorySteven TorySteven Tory
Maddison (Daughter) “Oh Daddy...”

What links a racing car enthusiast and a man with bite? Meet Steven Tory, Managing Director, Insights Calgary...

  • If Steven were a drink what would he be?

    A Shiraz – Big, bold, rich and hugely flavoured, but not to everyone’s taste. And from Australia just like Steven.

  • What is Steven's Discovery wheel position?

    Steven sits at position 23 on the Insights Discovery wheel and leads with dominant Fiery Red energy which makes him a Motivating Director, supported with strong intuition. From his Discovery Personal Profile we know that Steven is:

    • a creative decision maker
    • intuitive and optimistic
    • a natural entrepreneur, inquisitive and adaptable

  • How you may meet Steven

    Day to day you will find Steven at his office in Calgary, ensuring the clients in the Calgary region are getting the best service possible.

    If he isn’t in the office you will find Steven delivering Sales Effectiveness or Leadership programmes with any number of Insights Calgary clients.

  • What motivates Steven

    • The possibility of winning against the odds
    • Participation in lively arguments, debate and discussions
    • Being asked his opinion

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    A happy man spending time with his beautiful wife Marni, and his two children Maddison and Kyle, biking, trampolining or generally just having fun. 

    If Steven isn’t with his family you will find him behind the wheel of a high performance sports car at any local motor racing track. Steven is a keen motorsports enthusiast and high performance race driving instructor.