Sue Farley

What links a warrior with an angel? Meet Sue Farley Indirect Channel Manager at Insights...

  • If Sue were an animal what would she be?

    A frog. Frogs love water and Sue has in the past lived by water and it’s her ambition to do so again. And one day Sue hopes to meet her Prince…

  • What is Sue's Discovery wheel position?

    Sue sits at position 144 on the Insights Discovery wheel and leads with dominant Fiery Red energy. From her Discovery Personal Profile we know that Sue is:

    • full of passion and has a can do attitude
    • fun, creative and takes people with her
    • empathetic, can see all points of view

    Sue's Archetypes include:

    • Angel
    • Warrior
    • Father

  • Who is Sue's hero?

    Her Dad. He is her inspiration, her guide and her friend. Her mum is pretty cool too.

  • How you may meet Sue

    In her role as Indirect Channel Manager Sue continues to develop and grow the UK Licensed Practitioner network building upon the existing relationships and developing the new Licensed Practitioners coming into the network.

    She has a real passion and desire to see the LPs within the network flourish and grow and supports and inspires the Indirect team to nurture relationships within the LP network. 

    In her down time Sue is with her family and friends. She likes nothing better than a dining table full of her favourite people. She loves cooking good food, served with lovely wine.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    A hands on and fun grandmother to two beautiful boys - although Sue prefers the name of Nannie - that way she can pretend she's the hired help!