Rosemary Holmes

Rosemary HolmesRosemary and OliverRosemary Holmes
You don’t have to be ill to get better – a quote from our very own Mike Jones, Insights. This really speaks to my own belief that it’s important to focus on our own performance and development, even when things are going well.

What links a pomegranate with a problem solver? Meet Rosemary Holmes, Customer Experience Engagement Manager at Insights...

  • If Rosemary were a food what would she be?

    A pomegranate. A super-food which has a calm and graceful exterior, but inside is teeming with the seeds of hundreds and hundreds of new ideas!

  • What is Rosemary's Discovery wheel position?

    Rosemary sits at position 23 on the Insights Discovery wheel and leads with dominant Fiery Red energy. From her Discovery Personal Profile we know that Rosemary is:

    • A natural go getter with great enthusiasm for life
    • Turns creative ideas into action
    • A challenger of the status quo

  • How you may meet Rosemary

    In the air between Dundee and Birmingham! Rosemary is a regular visitor at Insights HQ.

    Other than that she is most often in her home office – secretly wearing her slippers under her desk in chilly weather!

  • How does Rosemary use her colour energies?

    Rosemary's role involves a lot of developing strategies and problem solving, so it’s fortuitous that she has lots of Fiery Red and Cool Blue energy.

    As Rosemary explains: "I need to be task focused to ensure that we, as a company, get where we plan to go."

  • What motivates Rosemary?

    Nothing gives Rosemary more pleasure than to see our own people grow and develop and be promoted throughout our business.

    She explains: "I am so passionate about watching people join our team, become more and more skilled and develop into other roles. The most rewarding part of my role is facilitating this process".

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    Someone who really values the relationships in her life, whether at work or home. And sometimes the two clash - when Oliver, Rosemary's middle child came to do work experience at Insights and loved it!

    As Rosemary explains: "I am always trying to balance time spent with my three children and time in the business.  That often results in a dilemma - where I put my time and attention at any given time.

    I'm someone who puts 100% into everything. I like to be able to really focus my attention where it is needed most at any given time".