Marcus Wylie

Marcus WylieMarcus WylieMarcus Wylie
Having fun creating the magic, and helping people to ‘get it’!

What links a cartwheeling rebel with a real passion for enjoying the journey? Meet Marcus Wylie, Head of People Engagement at Insights...

  • If Marcus were a food what would he be and why?

    Spaghetti!  Although Marcus can appear all over the place, most people quite like him and he’s up for mingling with anyone! He is also quite long and thin!

  • What is Marcus's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Marcus’s position on the Insights Discovery wheel ranges anywhere from 24 through to 29 (we told you he was all over the place!) depending on what situation he is confronted with. 

    He tends to lead with a combination of Fiery Red and Sunshine Yellow energy, but has been known to swap the Fiery Red for Earth Green on occasion!

    From his Discovery Personal Profile we know that Marcus is:

    • Direct and quick thinking
    • Can turn vision into reality
    • Perceptive and innovative

  • Marcus's defining moments at Insights (so far...)

    Cartwheeling across the office floor! Marcus likes to liven things up in Terra Nova! 

    As Marcus says: "The metaphor of being head-over-heels in love with Insights has always stuck with me, and every now and again someone mentions the cartwheel, and it happens again…"

  • Who is Marcus's hero?

    William Wallace – for being a rebel who demonstrated passion, commitment and love for those around him. As a young laddie Marcus always thought HIS grandad was William Wallace, until he grew up a bit and realised that was William Wylie!

  • How you may meet Marcus

    You may bump into Marcus when he’s facilitating an executive team in your organisation, or when he’s singing and acting on stage in his hometown in Scotland – two of his major passions.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    Marcus at home with his beautiful wife Jennifer, having laughs and giggles with his two gorgeous children Ruby and Daniel.

    With a passion for singing and fitness, Marcus frequently performs musicals in his local theatre and if not going for a run in his lunch hour, will be playing field hockey with a local team at the weekend.