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John Freshwater

John Freshwater

Sales and Delivery Director

John joins us with leadership and commercial experience in the Human Capital and Edtech arena. Originally from Colorado, John moved to the UK in 2009. He has a strong background in international sales and a track record in the people development space of helping secure sustained sales growth across international markets.

Most recently, he worked at Human Capital Institute (HCI) and prior to that at Mind Gym, operating in multiple countries around the world. In these roles, John has successfully led truly global sales teams and knows what it takes to identify and meet the needs of global clients. He has an MBA from the University of Colorado and is active in the start-up and L&D communities in EMEA and the USA.        

John takes full responsibility for the strategic leadership of every aspect of our global Sales and Delivery activity. He’ll particularly focus on the profitable growth of our business through the development of each of our Sales and Delivery business units.


A day in the life

The day begins with trying to think like an Insights customer as this sets an important tone for the day’s meetings. These include internal meetings with individuals and teams that have contact with Insights customers. These teams represent the face of Insights through the sales experience and practitioner delivery.

When not helping his teams, John is working on strategy and, on an ideal day, meeting Insights customers.


Make it personal

  • A love of the outdoors has stayed with him from his younger days, although he’s happily traded mountain climbing for golf and loves a course with scenic vistas.
  • John believes in life-long learning and books arrive at the house more frequently than there is space to house them. 
  • Travel to new places is a favourite pastime with new horizons to see, people to meet, and hopefully catch the sun.
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