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Virtual Solutions

The global pandemic has changed the world of work, possibly forever.

Organizations must equip everyone to work virtually and do their best work, making the most of their human skills to stay connected and productive amid disruption. We're here to help.

Why you should care

Virtual learning is a flexible and accessible way to develop talent within global organisations. There are countless benefits to virtual learning, including reduced time investment, no travel costs or carbon footprint, global accessibility and greater moment-of-need responsiveness. This kind of learning allows you to bring teams together virtually from different regions and maintain the momentum and effectiveness of your people development programs.


of organisations use virtual classes to reach geographically dispersed workers – Association for Talent Development (ATD)

How Insights works with you

Insights has a fully flexible delivery approach which supports both virtual and in-person delivery options. We’ll work with you to determine the best delivery approach for your learners, based on learning outcomes and the requirements of your organisation. Whether you opt for virtual or in-person delivery, we guarantee your learners will experience the same wow factor that has made us a leader in positive and impactful learner experiences.

Solutions for virtual teams

We know that teams which have some - or all - colleagues based virtually have their own unique challenges. Beyond the practical barriers of technology and time zones, it’s a challenge to build authentic and productive working relationships when team members have had minimal time for personal connection. Some team members may be working virtually for the first time, and some may be leading teams of people they’ve never met; in both situations it’s vital to spend time and energy on relationship-building because it’s relationships which ultimately determine the success of team endeavors.

We have virtual programs that support leaders and teams working within virtual environments. These are suitable for teams new to virtual working, or virtual teams that are wanting to improve their effectiveness. All are based on our Insights Discovery system, which is used globally to improve working relationships, teamwork and collaboration.

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