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Resilience in a Remote World


Our solution helps individuals build the resilience they need to stay focused and productive as workplaces change.


Individuals will know more about their personal resilience


They’ll identify strategies to build their resilience in today’s climate


They’ll apply their unique resilience strengths to stay focused and productive

What is it?

In today’s turbulent, uncertain world there’s a greater need than ever for people to consider their resilience in the face of change and disruption. People experience increasing pressure and adversity, which affects their decision-making, productivity and wellbeing. By increasing their resilience, people can more easily cope with the challenges thrown in their path, and prevent stress and burnout.

Our Resilience in a Remote World session helps individuals develop their resilience in a time when we face all the pressures of remote working in a time of crisis. It supports individuals to reflect on their own strategies for building resilience and how their personal preferences influence their method of coping with pressure.

Who is it for?

The session is suitable for people at all levels and builds on the simple four-color model of Insights Discovery to help learners reflect on their own resilience. They’ll consider their preferences and how they can contribute to or hinder their natural resilience. They’ll also learn come away with some helpful strategies to improve their resilience back in the workplace.

Our Resilience in a Remote World session is designed for organizations who:

  • Want to build greater resilience for their people and teams

  • Want to support their people through the pressures of the current crisis

  • Want to explore strategies for improving resilience at an individual level

How does it work?

The Resilience in a Remote World session is a two-hour virtual event using Adobe Connect technology. Learners will be guided through the engaging learning content by a skilled facilitator. A producer will also be there to support a smooth virtual experience.

Learners are supported by a pre-session e-module, a personal profile and a virtual learner kit that will help them achieve the learning objectives there in the classroom - and back in the workplace.

What’s the impact?

Learners will have the chance to explore personal resilience, giving them useful workplace resources to strengthen their resilience. By improving their resilience they’ll be better prepared to handle workplace pressures and changes healthily and constructively. This helps your people make better decisions and stay focused even in challenging times.

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