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Why you should care

Highly cohesive teams are seriously committed, work harder, are more satisfied by their work, and experience less intra-team conflict. Those are just a few reasons why great teams are fundamental to successful organizations.


of respondents cite being part of a dysfunctional team

How Insights works with you

Global organizations are reshaping to cater to a dynamic and demanding marketplace – and that means reinventing themselves to operate as networks of teams to keep pace with the challenges of a fluid, unpredictable world.

That’s why high performing teams are non-negotiable for successful organizations.

Beginning with self-and-other-awareness, we help people understand why they choose to work the way they do, why others may make different choices, and what that might mean for the overall effectiveness of the team.

By applying this understanding, we help people to build better relationships with their closest colleagues at work.

Where relationships improve, so do many things fundamental to team success, including productivity, communication, clarity of role and purpose, and overall team effectiveness.

By improving thousands of interpersonal interactions across your teams every day, the impact begins to be felt organization-wide almost immediately.

“Given the relationship between … teamwork and crucial business outcomes -- such as productivity, profitability and customer perceptions of service quality -- teams hold the keys to organizational health.”  - Gallup

What does it look like?

When we work with teams, we start with self-awareness. By helping each team member understand their own personal style, how their colleagues prefer to work, and what that might mean for the team, we're making the learning uniquely personal and applicable, right from the start.

Organizations which are formed around great teams have increased employee performance, greater productivity and better problem solving at work.

We’ll work with your teams to take their performance from good to great by getting to the heart of what's affecting their performance. Because when great teamwork is central to your organizational culture, business success is that much more likely to follow.

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The results

Watch how Gateshead Health NHS Trust improved teamwork and reduced absence with the help of Insights.

The Gateshead Health NHS Trust identified that teamwork was one of their major development areas and introduced Insights Discovery to improve communication and collaboration.

92% reduction in absenteeism
3 national awards won

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