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Insights Explore


Our Insights Explore digital platform is an effective way to improve collaboration, build soft skills and boost performance. It appeals to the needs of the modern learner for instant, bite-sized content, and is a sustainable tool to introduce at scale in your organization.


Introduce the simple, impactful language of color to your workplace


Give learners a way to interact and communicate more effectively


Provide a self-led, lighter touch experience to develop core soft skills

What is it?

Insights Explore is a digital tool that introduces a simple four color model to explore personality. It helps learners understand more about their preferences, how they show up to others and how they can make better connections in the workplace. Ideal as the first step in a learner’s journey of self-awareness, it can be used as a stand-alone development tool, or as a gateway to further learning.

Created to be a learner-led aid to self-development, the tool offers accessible, bite-sized content that can be easily rolled out to suitable areas within your organization. By improving individual self-awareness, and introducing the memorable four color language, Insights Explore is ideal for providing the foundational learning that allows employees to leverage their preferences within their roles and when interacting with others.

Watch our short video to learn more.

Who is it for?

Insights Explore is suitable for a broad audience but has been designed to be particularly relevant for entry-level and front-line employees. These employees benefit from having a language to describe their approach to work and communication, as well as from understanding more about how they have an impact on others. Collaboration, engagement, customer interaction, and long-term success can all be positively impacted by increasing self-awareness in these employee populations.

Some areas where Insights Explore will be most effective include:

  • Apprentices

  • Front-line teams

  • Entry-level employees

  • Customer service

  • Graduates

  • Seasonal workers

How does it work?

Insights Explore is a digital tool that’s accessible on any device. Learners complete a short evaluator to create a simplified version of our global personality profile, Insights Discovery. Their Insights Explore profile gives them access to their color energy preferences, and what these mean for how they act, and interact with others. It will also give them instant access to supporting content that shows them how to connect more effectively and apply their understanding of color energies in real situations.


of today's workforce is composed of deskless workers, yet not all content is designed for mobile learning

What’s the impact?

Many organizations use personality testing for their managers and high potentials, but Insights Explore aims to bring the benefits of personality profiling to all employees by providing a lighter-touch experience that doesn’t require the same level of investment in either time or budget. Requiring no classroom time and no instructor-led theory, the tool lets learners explore on-the-go, making it more sustainable for buisinesses and more flexible for employees. The impact you can expect to see in your organization is:


More self-aware employees who are better at communicating and bringing their ‘best self’ to work


Teams that have a tool to help them connect, learn and develop together, with a stronger understanding of how to get the best from each other


Employees – particularly those in a customer-facing environment – who can use their knowledge of preferences to have more positive interactions at every level

Insights Explore or Insights Discovery?

For when you're uncertain about which product will be suitable for a specific situation or team in your organisation, this table provides a quick and easy comparison!

Download Explore Customer Guide Learn about Insights Discovery


Additional themes tailored for today’s challenges

Expand on Explore learning even further and create a more customized experience with a selection of topics, designed to help Explore learners tackle the challenges of the working world.

Available directly in the Explore web application, the new themes in Explore+ give modern learners direct access to a variety of topical and actionable skill sets, including:

  • Wellbeing
  • Remote working
  • Service
  • Learning

Using the language of color, learners can navigate and practice each skill area within the context of all four color energies; helping them play to their own strengths, while fostering a collaborative culture of learning and understanding across your teams.

By purchasing from our selection of on-the-go themes from Explore+, learners are equipped with the tools and the tips they need for the here and now; helping them practice and then hit the ground running in the areas they need it most.

The big benefit of deploying Explore to the team would be in understanding where they sit on the spectrum of personalities and colors and then being able to use that in how they interact with people outside the team.
Kevin Rowe
Automation Manager, BT India

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