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Practitioner Benefits

Help lead transformation within your organisation with our globally renowned Insights Discovery Accreditation (IDA); and join almost 10,000 global practitioners who have generated nearly six million Insights Discovery profiles and helped transform the world’s leading organisations. With the agility to shape programmes based on specific business needs and aspirations, your journey to bringing your organisation’s strategy to life through your people starts here.

Interested? Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a world leading Insights practitioner:

Globally Recognised Accreditation: The Virtual Classroom

Newly accredited practitioners become an instant, integral part of our globally renowned community bringing the power of self-awareness to millions of inspirational leaders, collaborative teams and resilient individuals worldwide. And with our virtual accreditation offering even more variety of delivery options, there’s no reason why you can’t start now. With the same rich learning experience as the face-to-face session; your four-day learning experience has been designed to maximise engagement and learning quality by following best practice delivery methods, from the comfort of your home office.

But the learning doesn’t stop after four days! Our super supportive learning and experience team will help guide you through our step by step on-boarding program. And with a dedicated account manager, constant access to our sales team and our virtual learning and community platform (Connections), we are always here to support and inspire you, whatever stage you are on your journey to becoming an Insights Discovery champion!

And with monthly News updates focused on current business needs and trends, you’ll never be short of inspiration; along with exclusive practitioner Webinars with live learning opportunities – where you can engage with topical experts and dive even deeper into the business application of Insights Discovery.

New Blended Learning Environments: Virtual and Face-to-Face

As the workspace changes, so does the learning environment, and our IDA prepares you to facilitate the very best of learning in a variety of settings, whether you are accredited online or face-to-face. So, from mastering optimized conferencing technology for virtual sessions, to conducting warm-up sessions for teams meeting face-to-face for the first time, accreditation means being equipped with the tools and how to’s to inspire learners in whatever space they – and you – need to thrive.

Exclusive Access to New Products, Workshops and Resources

The world and the world of work is changing fast. In addition to having exclusive access to resources that help you leverage the color energies to your most current business needs; we are constantly developing new products tailored to the most urgent needs of learners. From helping leaders navigate change through the Self Aware Leader program, to ‘bite-sized’ content delivered digitally to frontline and deskless workers with our Explore product; we provide practitioners with the most timely solutions they need for their workforce to apply in real time, at both an individual and an organisational level.

Membership of Connections – Our Knowledge and Community Hub

Access a private virtual community and learning platform built just for practitioners and get instant, unlimited downloads of workshop materials, learning resources, exclusive, up-to-the-moment content, and marketing collateral. Become a part of our thriving community where you can join the conversation, grow your network, ask questions and gain instant support from our global practitioner virtual community – great for personal development alongside finding solutions for your business. You will also gain exclusive access to our private LinkedIn group of thousands of practitioners; the perfect place to start a conversation, share your latest learnings and expand your network.

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Be a Pioneer: Learning is a two-way conversation

At Insights you are as much a part of our learning, as we are to yours: and we invite you to join our Insights Research panel that provides a loop between you and us – where you can provide feedback that will help shape and develop our existing and future products and offerings, get invited to test new platforms, and also be in with the chance to enter exciting new prize draws. The future of learning is down to all of us! 

Begin your journey with Discovery and sign up to the Virtual IDA now.