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Leading in a Virtual Environment


Our solution helps leaders explore how they can be more effective as virtual leaders to enhance performance and engagement for each individual.


Leaders will explore core leadership strengths and challenges when leading in a virtual environment


They’ll learn about how their virtual leadership approach influences those they lead


They’ll identify ways to become more effective and productive in their virtual leadership roles

What is it?

Leaders have a tough job; they need to motivate, develop, engage and guide the people they lead through today’s challenging times. That job is made even harder when the teams they lead are virtual and they don’t have the benefit of face-to-face time for feedback and developmental conversations. It’s also harder for leaders to read the climate and mood of a team that’s fully virtual, making it tough to shape culture and engagement.

Our Leading in a Virtual Environment program is designed to help your leaders explore their core leadership strengths and challenges when leading in a virtual environment so they can be more effective in their remote roles.

Who is it for?

The program is suitable for leaders at all levels and builds on the simple four-color model of Insights Discovery to help leaders consider the impact of their personal preferences and leadership approach on those they lead. Leaders will be able to consider their impact specifically in a virtual environment.

Our Leading in a Virtual Environment program is designed for leaders who:

  • Usually lead virtual team members, or are virtual themselves

  • Are leading virtually for the first time due to the current crisis

  • Want to improve their virtual leadership approach

  • Want to learn more about the strengths and challenges of their leadership style

How does it work?

The Leading in a Virtual Environment session is a two-hour virtual event using virtual conferencing technology. The session is designed so that your learners can enjoy interactive exercises and group discussion, while being guided through engaging learning content by our expert facilitators.

Learners are supported by a pre-session e-module, a personal leadership profile and a virtual learner kit that will help them achieve the learning objectives there in the classroom – and back in the workplace.

What’s the impact?

Leaders will have a new appreciation for how their personal leadership style is impacted by the virtual environment. They’ll be able to understand the impact they have on their virtual teams and take practical actions to become more effective and productive as virtual leaders. This will have far-reaching effects on your teams’ levels of engagement and performance as your leaders continue to improve their virtual influence.

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