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Connecting with Customers


Our solution helps individuals and teams build better connections with customers from the very first contact and improve their performance at each stage of the sales cycle.


Individuals will understand themselves and their customers better


They’ll learn how to adapt their selling style at each stage of the sales cycle


They’ll identify strategies to build stronger connections with different customer types

What is it?

Sales teams, customer service professionals and account managers often have to build rapport with their customers quickly, which isn’t always easy, especially when done over the phone or using virtual conferencing tools. By focusing on the relationship and not the sale, the sales cycle is accelerated, leading to increased sales success.

Our Connecting with Customers program focuses first on increasing self-awareness before helping learners to identify behavioural clues in others and use this knowledge to build stronger connections at each stage of the sale.

We have 60 seconds to make an impression with a new customer and having the ability to read somebody in the beginning and figure out their communication preference and their color energy is very, very helpful. People love it!

Director of L&D, Waste Management

Who is it for?

The session is suitable for individuals at all levels and uses a simple six-stage sales model to help learners assess their own selling style. Looking at every stage of the sales cycle, individuals explore how their strengths and challenges can be developed to improve their interactions with different customer types in both virtual and face-to-face environments.

The session is designed for individuals and teams working in customer-facing roles including:

  • In a sales role or function connecting directly with customers

  • Teams who are actively developing relationships with clients

  • Anyone who needs to influence other stakeholders as part of their role relationships

How does it work?

The Connecting with Customers session is a two-hour virtual event using Adobe Connect technology. Learners will be guided through the engaging learning content by a skilled facilitator. A producer will also be there to support a smooth virtual experience.

Learners are supported by a pre-session e-module, a personal profile including the Sales Effectiveness chapter, and a virtual learner kit that will help them achieve their learning objectives in the classroom – and back in the workplace.

The Sales Effectiveness chapter is a great tool to help individuals learn more about their own selling styles, their strengths, and their areas for development within the six stages of the sales cycle. This chapter brings a personal approach to selling, making each part of the session relevant and immediately applicable to each individual.

What’s the impact?

Your customer-facing teams will have a new appreciation for how their personal selling style can impact their relationships with customers. They’ll be able to understand that different customers require different approaches and create action plans for how to deal with specific customers. The program aims to inspire teams to improve customer relationships, boost performance and increase sales success.

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