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Why leadership must embrace psychological safety in the workplace

Until Google’s breakthrough study, Project Aristotle, there was little mainstream awareness on the role psychological safety in leading a productive workplace.

But at Insights, we’ve been aware of the transformational power of psychological safety since we opened our doors 30 years ago, and there’s one thing we know to be true:

Leaders who create psychological safety in their teams lead their organisations to greatness

To be convinced, one only need look at what happens to workplaces where psychology safety has fallen to the wayside. Decreased production, attrition, and disengagement are but a few of the tell-tale symptoms.

It seems obvious that supporting people in this way is a stepping stone to organisational growth, but in practicality, instilling psychological safety as part of a corporate culture is anything but.

Psychological safety is about how we communicate and how we interact with others. It’s about how employees balance risk and confidence. Do we hedge our great ideas or innovate freely? It requires emotional intelligence, business savvy, and usually, a great deal of experience to get right.

This year, we’re taking a fresh look at organisational safety and doing a deeper dive into this necessary-for-success state of working.

What does it mean? Why does it matter? And what actions must leaders take to get there?

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At Insights, we’ve helped countless organisations lay the cornerstone for psychological safety. In delivering over ten million Insights Discovery Personal Profiles, we’re helping teams adopt a common language around differences and have true appreciation for diverse thinking and acting styles.

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