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Shaping a Powerful Employee Experience in Globally Dispersed Teams

How to improve performance and communication when your team isn't face-to-face

To better understand the unique issues facing globally dispersed teams today, Insights conducted a survey in partnership with HR Dive's Brand Studio and surveyed 209 professionals across a wide number of industries.

Whether your company currently works with globally dispersed teams or you have plans to extend your team virtually or offsite, the survey results offer a lot of insights about building a successful team framework when your employees aren't face-to-face.

Download our free 'Shaping a Powerful Employee Experience in Globally Dispersed Teams' eBook now and learn:

  • The benefits of building globally dispersed teams
  • The common challenges for globally dispersed teams
  • Most common reasons employees believe organisations don't support distributed and remote teams
  • Biggest perceived barriers to working remotely effectively
  • Steps to help create an optimal employee experience for globally dispersed teams

If your teamwork is something you need to work on, download our free eBook today.

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