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Rediscovering Human

In a disrupted world, it’s time to rediscover what matters most – your humanity.

Welcome to the digital revolution; the age in which you can choose to reclaim what it means to you to be fully human.

The world is changing – and fast. The technology we have now represents some of the biggest leaps forward that humanity has ever seen. Right now, it feels as though every passing week opens up new horizons – in the workplace, how we learn, how we communicate with each other and how we engage with the media, to name but a few.

And while these advances are amazing, exciting, and boundary-pushing, they also bring potential challenges for us as humans in the workplace, in our communities and in our lives. We find ourselves in a remarkable period, where humanity itself may just be the best competitive advantage that an organisation can invest in.

That’s why, in late 2018, Insights is bringing you Rediscovering Human, a book that looks at humanity in all of its beautiful complexity and asks:

In this age of machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms that govern our human connections, how do we continue to bring the very essence of what makes us human out into the light?

This book is for anyone who's wondering what kind of workforce their kids will join once AI becomes an everyday office presence. It's for anyone who gets their breaking news from Twitter, but also misses the days where we didn't have to fit our complex thoughts into a tweet. It's for all of us humans who have a stake in the future, and are still waiting to see the full potential of humanity realised in all of its wonderful, flawed, crazy, ambitious, intelligent glory.

Read an extract from Chapter One

To read an extract from Rediscovering Human, please click read more and complete the form. We’ll be in touch later in the year to notify you of the official release date – anticipated late 2018. Happy reading!

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