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Transformational Leadership

Improve leadership effectiveness in a sustainable way

Good leadership is a balancing act that's about more than mastering a set of management skills. Our programmes look at how your leaders like to work, where they're most capable, and what steps they can take to raise the game of your organisation.

What is it?

Our leadership programmes – Discovering Leadership Effectiveness and Insights Transformational Leadership – begin by raising the self-awareness of leaders, and take them on a journey towards maximising their leadership potential.

How we work with leaders comes from the conversations we'll have when we partner with you. Our leadership learning journeys are fully tailored to address what comes out of those conversations, and we can weave in products which address both:

  • Preference - how your leaders prefer to lead, and

  • Capability - how successfully they do it

Who is it for?

Our leadership programmes are designed to improve leadership capability across a wide range of levels, from front-line supervisors to senior executives. We offer practical solutions which help leaders really understand their leadership strengths, and how they can leverage those to improve the performance of the entire organisation.

Check out our product video to see how we support business leaders the world over.

How does it work?

The leadership pathway you follow will be tailored to provide real impact where you need it most.

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness is our introductory leadership programme which looks at how people prefer to lead. We'll work with your leaders to explore their personal leadership style, and the unique value that they bring.

Through an in-depth series of workshops and personal coaching sessions, we encourage leaders to examine their effectiveness in the areas of Results, Visionary, Relationship and Centred Leadership.

Insights Transformational Leadership (ITL) is a comprehensive, multi-module leadership development programme. It helps leaders to:

  • Inspire those around them to excel in challenging times
  • Create a focused, motivated, diverse team
  • Adapt their personal style to make maximum impact
  • Influence stakeholders in a positive way

ITL explores all aspects of leadership, with a specific eye on the needs of your organisation. It incorporates both Insights Discovery, which looks at how people prefer to communicate, work and make decisions, and Insights Navigator, which is used to measure capability against key performance indicators.

In a journey which is challenging, deep, and practical, we work with leaders to create strategies for continuous personal development at the individual, team and organisational level.

Ways to use it

Our leadership products and solutions are the foundation of successful leadership teams in many organisations worldwide.

We support:

  • leaders who want to improve their skills
  • organisations that need their leadership teams to inspire people
  • leaders looking for practical ways to improve relationships
  • leadership teams who need to produce results

What's the impact?

When leaders become able to deliver results, foster an atmosphere of teamwork and trust, and make sure to develop those around them, your whole organisation reaps the benefits.

By raising the game of your leaders, you're laying the foundations for stability and success throughout your company for years to come.

Let us help your business today. Contact us now to start your journey.