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Insight 24 December 2019

Insights Group announces industry-leading results

Industry-leading results have today been reported by global people consultancy The Insights Group.

The Insights Group growth, in terms of revenue, is more than double the industry standard growth rate of around 12% YoY. Group CEO Andy Lothian pointed to the increasing relevance of ‘human skills’ in today’s workplace and the ‘stickability’ of Insights people development products and solutions.

He said:

We’re pleased to report such positive results, which are testament to the brilliance of our offering, our incredible team of people and our global community of customers. Insights holds a special position in the marketplace because we can help people to enhance and develop their human skills, which allows them to thrive in a digitally connected world.

Latest industry research shows significant demand for ‘human skills’ training, with numerous industries planning significant investment in soft skills development in the decade ahead (Linkedin Learning report 2018, Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2018).

Andy added:

Insights is uniquely able to help develop those brilliant human skills of curiosity, ingenuity, empathy and teamwork. And it’s these skills that allow people to respond positively to whatever disruption they face.

The Insights Group Ltd recently acquired its joint venture operations, which allows it to offer consistently brilliant products, solutions and experiences to customers around the world – and in local language. The company is also investing heavily in its Digital Transformation Programme to enhance its customer offering.

Newly appointed Customer and Digital Director Ross Esplin will play a key role in implementing the multimillion pound Digital Transformation Programme.

Insights Learning and Development CEO Fiona Logan said:

We know our customers love what we do – and we also know we can make it easier for them to do business with us and bring the learning alive on a daily basis. Our Digital Transformation Programme will unlock fantastic new opportunities and I’m thrilled that Ross has joined the team to support this next phase of our journey.

Insights provides people development solutions that help companies all over the world get the very best from their people. The company uses a simple and accessible model of personality type based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and a broad range of psychometric models of increasing depth.

Insights creates more effective teams by helping people better understand themselves and others, communicate with impact through the framework of a common language, and tackle pressing business challenges, putting people right at the heart of solving issues.

Fiona added:

Our work is founded in the notion that personal breakthroughs lead to business breakthroughs, enabling increased innovation, creativity and productivity.
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