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Insight 08 July 2021

Creating a common language with MCM Academy

How Insights synergised the language of colour with a global organisation that spans diverse geographies and cultures…

Insights recently partnered with the MCM Academy in India to bring a common language to its development program for mid-managers.Midland Credit Management (MCM) is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group, which is an international specialty finance company that provides debt recovery solutions and other related services for consumers across a broad range of financial assets.

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Their aim was to understand how to work better together and have more empowering dialogues with each other. They felt a need to start speaking one language across the whole of their business and thought the language of colour had the potential to be the thread that pulled everything together; it could be woven into learning interventions and bring everyone together.

There were a number of aims for the program:

  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Enhance team dynamics
  • Build more effective relationships
  • Understand the value of differences
  • Connect virtually while working remotely
“Insights has played an intrinsic role in supporting our managers at MCM Academy. I’d like to thank them in helping us to create a better organisation to work with.”

How Insights methodology was applied at MCM Academy

MCM Academy began by focusing on enhancing self-awareness at an individual level. Over time, they advanced the learning from personal effectiveness to team effectiveness – which enabled all of the managers to learn more about each other and connect through the language of colour – especially while working remotely.

In particular, the workshops and the team wheel meant they were able to better understand the diversity of communication preferences in the team. As the result, the team felt they were able to be more productive – and have greater impact.

MCM Academy Group

Harsh Israni, AVP Organizational Development at Midland Credit Management Academy told us:

“We wanted to work with Insights to build a common language at our organisation. In the last four years it has played an intrinsic role in supporting our managers in gaining greater self-awareness and building effective professional relationships."
“We also started leveraging Insights for various team effectiveness interventions and were able to co-create common language that brought our teams together like never before. Kudos to Insights for creating such a powerful tool!”
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