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Insights Discovery Virtual Renewal

Polishing your facilitation and coaching practice


This two-hour Insights Discovery Virtual Renewal is recommended for practitioners who feel the need to get thoroughly refreshed on all the core theory and application of Insights Discovery.

In addition to re-acquainting you with all the fundamentals, this webinar will give you an opportunity to assess your coaching and facilitation practice, and to get hints and tips from Insights experts and fellow practitioners.

Our experience tells us that practitioners who were accredited many years ago are still working with the same materials given to them at their initial IDA; coming on this course can be hugely beneficial, not only to get a theory update, but also to increase awareness around what else is available.


In this course you will explore:

  • Recap on the core Insights Discovery Theory
  • In depth exploration of the Jungian Preferences
  • Coaching on your coaching
  • Exploring the Personal Achievement chapter
  • Facilitation best practice

Business applications

This course will help you to address issues such as:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Developing mutual respect and understanding
  • Improving communication
  • Fostering a coaching culture

Materials provided

  • Insights Discovery Personal Profile –
    Foundation and Personal Achievement chapters (soft copy)
  • Links to the most up-to-date Practitioner Guides
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