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Influencing Others

Harnessing the power to connect and sell

The Insights Practitioner Education Webinar Series continues in 2017-18 with new and exciting content. If you are new or a seasoned Insights Discovery Practitioner there is something to learn.


Influencing others: harnessing the power to connect and sell

This 60-minute webinar taster session introduces how to make individuals better at influencing and selling. It is intended to help people who work in sales roles, or in positions where they need to influence stakeholders.

You will learn how to improve capability by building genuine connections and by identifying how to overcome the barriers to effective communication. You will also develop competence and confidence in working with the Effective Selling chapter of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

Please contact us if you have any questions about upcoming or previous webinars. We look forward to helping you keep Insights Discovery alive in your organisation in 2017-18!

* This complimentary webinar is for certified Insights Discovery Practitioners. If you'd like more information about how to become accredited please click here

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