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Influencing Others

Harnessing the power to connect and sell


This one-day Insights Discovery Renewal focuses on Influencing with Insights Discovery. The day explores individual preferences and influencing with the focus being on how to influence with hints and tips based around the language of colour. We will explore the materials used in an influencing session; how to influence stakeholders and improve capability by building connections and by identifying barriers to effective communication. We will explore different materials to help you get the most out of any influencing or sales intervention that you plan to run. The day will give you the opportunity to explore the content, experiencing being a delegate on the day while considering how you will use the key content when you are back in your environment.



In this course you will explore:

• Successful components of ‘mind-set, capability and behaviour’
• The four colour energies in effective influencing/selling
• The impact of our personal colour energy preferences in influencing/selling
• Recognising type – the eight types
• Adapting and connecting strategies
• The Insights six step sales model
• Using the Effective Selling chapter of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile


Business applications

This course will help you to address issues such as:

• Underperforming sales teams
• Poor customer feedback
• Ineffective selling or influencing skills


Materials provided

• Insights Discovery Personal Profile – Foundation and Effective Selling chapters
• Discovering Sales Effectiveness Workshop Journal
• Discovering Sales Effectiveness facilitator notes (soft copy)
• Discovering Sales Effectiveness PowerPoint slides (soft copy)

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