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Impactful Teams

Enabling success through working together


This one-day Insights Discovery Renewal will equip you with the knowledge you need to enable team success. It will focus on how the preferences of each individual affect team performance and harmony, and how you can help to overcome communication challenges. The aim of this course is to help you foster a culture of cohesion, mutual understanding and open dialogue.



In this course you will explore:

• Differing perceptions of the team
• Colour energy preferences in the team
• Strengths and weaknesses of the team
• Team wheel and team dynamics
• Team culture
• Effective communication
• The Insights Team Effectiveness model


Business applications

This course will help you to address issues such as:

• Poor morale or motivation
• Challenging relationships
• Team conflict
• Frequent personnel changes
• Poor communication



Materials provided

• Insights Discovery Personal Profile – Foundation and Management chapters
• Discovering Team Effectiveness Workshop Journal
• Discovering Team Effectiveness facilitator notes (soft copy)
• Working with Teams facilitator notes (soft copy)
• Discovering Team Effectiveness PowerPoint slides (soft copy)
• A-Z Team Effectiveness activity cards

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