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Honest Conversations

Using authentic feedback to enhance relationships


This is a one-day Renewal focuses on building open, honest relationships, and the promotion of constructive feedback. You will be able to communicate how important it is for team performance and harmony to be able to give and receive feedback without making it personal. The aim of this course is for you to help individuals see how they are perceived by their team, and how they can form better relationships based on this feedback. You will also develop competence and confidence in working with the Discovery Full Circle Profile.



In this course you will explore:

• The gift of feedback
• The four colour energies in giving and receiving feedback
• Insights D4 feedback model
• Overview of the Discovery Full Circle Profile
• Strategies to enhance key relationships
• Using the Rel8 model to assess relationships
• Creating commitment to action


Business applications

This course will help you to address issues such as:

• Creating a coaching culture
• Team building
• Enabling open and honest communication
• Strengthening relationships


Materials provided

• Discovery Full Circle Profile
• Discovery Full Circle Learning Guide/Profile companion
• Discovery Full Circle Facilitator and Coach notes (soft copy)
• Discovery Full Circle PowerPoint slides (soft copy)
• Discovery Full Circle Product Information Guide (soft copy)
• Ask and Tell cards (sample soft copy)

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