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Working Families Case Study

How Insights helps London-based charity Working Families manage remote team dynamics


Working Families is a UK charity that aims to break down barriers for working parents and those with caring responsibilities in the workplace.

With over 150 employer members who seek to create flexible workplaces and practical advice, establishing top-notch communication skills across the internal team is crucial.  Working Families

In late 2022, Working Families wanted to ensure its people could stay connected and collaborative while working remotely and to enhance employee engagement.


Working Families brought their team together for a face to face Insights Discovery workshop.

The intent was leverage the Insights Discovery model to strengthen connections across their team, enhance communication and collaboration skills and eliminate common barriers experienced by remote and hybrid teams.


The Insights Discovery workshop and profiles enabled Working Families to have an enhanced understanding of the dynamics of their team and of each other.

Build on a foundation of self-awareness, Insights language of colour energies helped employees to activate their awareness to better understand their behaviour preferences and what’s behind their colleague’s behaviour preferences.

By learning how to leverage these skills, strategic collaborations between remote team members are smoother and more efficient than before, and employees understand how to bring out the best in each other.

These small shifts in awareness and behaviour are helping to create a flexible workplace culture that encourages people to do their best and most rewarding work and add value to every interaction.

Insights Discovery gave us the skills that we needed to tap into the more analytical sides of ourselves… I came out of the workshop feeling like I knew myself and my colleagues a lot better than when I walked in.

Catherine Gregory

Joint Head of Marketing and Communications

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