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Developing value-based leaders at Woolworths

Read how Insights played a key role in the leadership programme at one of South Africa’s largest retailers


Woolworths is part of a multinational retail group, with 719 store locations and over 33,000 employees across South Africa.

As a values-driven business, Woolworths set out to develop a leadership programme that would create an empowered culture of collaboration within their teams.

Woolworths wanted to ensure its values and behaviours were built into performance conversations. Leaders are measured by how well they have demonstrated value-based leadership, how they have developed their leadership competencies and how they show up to their peers and teams.


Using a combination of Insights Discovery and Discovering Team Effectiveness, Woolworths developed their value-based leadership programme with the models and tools built into every module.

The Insights Discovery model and language flow between topics, bringing an awareness of preference, perception, and approach into every learning experience, and helping leaders reflect on the impact they’re having.

The Insights Discovery model and profile are used in the programme to lay a foundation of self-awareness, before moving into using the Team Effectiveness model to identify gaps and challenges for their team and build on their adaptability skills.


The value-based leadership programme helped Woolworths continue to embed its’ culture, led by individuals who are fully connected and self-aware.

This has helped them build a collaborative working environment that has empowered and engaged their teams.

This result was reflected in their annual engagement survey, where the organisation received improved feedback about team leadership after the introduction of the programme.

This indicates that the values-based leadership approach is making a positive difference for teams and helping Woolworth’s people to live their company’s purpose.

Read the case study here

Withing the context of the changing world of work, it was important to us that we keep a finger on the pulse of the working preferences of individuals and organisations alike.

Kyle Penning

Organisational Development Specialist at Woolworth

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