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Technip focus on health and safety

Insights are working with Technip to achieve its vision of becoming the reference company globally for health and safety.


Technip is a multinational company that carries out project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. Headquartered in Paris, France, they employ almost 40,000 people in 48 countries.

A major incident at a Texas refinery forced Technip to take a closer look at its own climate of health, safety and environment.

A company-wide survey showed that HSE wasn't a top concern - that as long as the work was done on time and on budget, accidents were accepted as an unfortunate by-product.

Faced with this, Chairman and CEO Thierry Pilenko decided to "make Technip the reference company globally for health and safety". And that's where Insights came in.

Since 2008, Insights has partnered with Technip on their Pulse HSE programme in order to help Technip achieve their goal. 


We worked with Technip to weave Insights Discovery into their ground-breaking HSE programme, named Pulse. Initially aimed at leaders, it soon became clear that the impact of the programme was so great that everyone, from the leadership to the cleaning crew, would eventually have a Pulse experience.

Helping people to improve their communication and decision-making skills when it comes to HSE meant that people throughout the company felt it was their responsibility to put safety first.


To date, around three quarters of Technip's staff have experienced the power of Insights Discovery as part of the Pulse programme, helping the organisation move from number ten to number one in the HSE rankings of Transmar's international survey.


of employees have experienced Insights

Everybody started talking about colour energies within Technip and immediately established a common language when talking about leadership and communication styles.

Pierre-Arnaud Delattre

Group Pulse Manager

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