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Pret invests in its people

We partner with the retailer Pret, which wholeheartedly invests in its employees and has created an open and honest culture for all of its people.


Sandwich retailer Pret a Manager opened in 1986 with one shop in London. It now has over 350 stores across the world, and serves over 300,000 customers every single day.

Pret is almost as much about people as it is about sandwiches. They don't recruit on skills; instead they look for people whose behaviours reflect the open, honest culture of the business, and has created The Pret Academy to take care of the skills part.

Since 75% of Pret's shop floor employees get promoted, it's crucial that they're helped to develop to their maximum potential. For Pret, Insights Discovery is a necessary step to graduating from Pret Academy!

Close up of Pret a Manger coffee cup


By embedding Insights Discovery into their programme, Pret has given their people the tools to develop themselves, their communication style, their leadership style and their legacy.

By supporting people at the beginning of their careers, Pret continually feeds a pool of talented people who will lead the future growth of the business.


All of Pret's General Managers now use the Insights Discovery methodology to lead their teams. They understand the impact of their own leadership style, and how to flex that to boost the potential of every single person on their team.

With 80% of Pret's managers starting as team members on shop floors, the people really do create the culture - with a healthy portion of Insights Discovery on the side.


of managers started on the shop floor

Group talking as one leans over the other two.
Insights has really enabled our business to unlock the potential of its people.

Ian Watson

Head of Pret Academy

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