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Empowering future doctors

How NHS Northumbria championed awareness for effective teamwork and leadership in the healthcare professionals of tomorrow


Medicines can cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.

Carl Jung

Medical professionals require a diverse skill set encompassing communication, empathy, adaptability, and teamwork to excel in the dynamic healthcare field.

To prepare fifth-year medical students in Northumbria, the ‘Good Medical Practice’ module focuses on identifying their own personality traits and understanding their impact on team dynamics and leadership styles.

This initiative aims to champion a versatile solution, applicable both inside and outside the classroom, empowering the healthcare professionals of tomorrow.


Solution Insights Discovery seamlessly integrated with existing programmes, and so could be tailored to meet the specific learning outcomes of the ‘Good Medical Practice’ module.

Additionally, the accessibility of the programme, and the fact that the language of colour had gained traction across the wider organisation meant Insights Discovery was the clear choice.

Insights Discovery sessions were delivered to a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare students.


Results This learning journey empowered students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, navigate and appreciate team dynamics, and embrace diverse leadership styles.

The session’s practical approach, mirroring real workplace scenarios, encouraged active engagement and critical thinking, enabling students to step out of the traditional classroom format and think on their feet. Positive student feedback highlighted the session’s effectiveness in meeting learning objectives and engaging students.

In fact, the successes of the session and the learnings enabled by Insights Discovery extended beyond the county of Northumbria, with the ‘Good Medical Practice’ lead presenting its success at The International Network for Health Workforce Education and The Academy of Medical Educators conference in Wales, emphasising the impact that unlocking awareness can have within the healthcare field.

...empowered students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, navigate and appreciate team dynamics, and embrace diverse leadership styles...

Medical students achieved their learning outcome. Students of other professions gained benefit too.

Good Medical Practice Lead

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