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How NHS Northumbria’s Theatre Management Team formed stronger bonds through the power of awareness


Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.

Mike Krzyzewski

Operational Services is integral to delivering high-quality healthcare at NHS Northumbria, supporting essential daily operations and laying the foundation for excellent patient care.

Amidst a significant reorganisation and the influx of new members, the focus shifted towards fostering strong, collaborative relationships to ensure the department’s future success.

Recognising the importance of effective communication and teamwork, the Operational Services team embarked on a journey to understand each other’s preferences and behaviours. This initiative aimed to enhance adaptability to changes, appreciate individual differences, and improve team dynamics, particularly in navigating the complexities of surgical procedures and fostering trust for seamless collaboration.

The team found Insights Discovery to be an excellent opportunity to better understand each other in a non-judgmental environment


Insights Discovery facilitated:

  • Discussions around preferences and behaviors, enabling each team member to understand themselves on an individual level
  • An understanding of how these different preferences played out within the team
  • The development of trust and enabled relationship building by understanding and appreciating individual’s preferences and how they can effectively collaborate


Insights Discovery laid the groundwork for the team to develop working relationships and foster mutual understanding.

It showed them how they each communicate and process information differently, and how to celebrate the differences.

The team reported a positive experience and found Insights Discovery to be an excellent opportunity to better understand each other in a non-judgemental environment, enabling both growth and development as a team. In fact, the team now uses Insights Discovery in their communication and decision-making, and using the language of colour is actively encouraged.

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I believe Insights Discovery will help the team form a stronger bond with greater understanding of each other and how we develop, work and deal with scenarios.

Idris Wilson

Operational Services Manager Theatres, NSPC & Anaesthetics

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