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Building more engaged teams
in the NHS

How Gateshead Health NHS Trust improved teamwork and reduced absence


Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication

Mike Krzyzewski

The Insights Discovery model is a simple and accessible four colour model which, accompanied by an Insights Discovery Personal Profile, helps people to understand more about themselves and others.

It creates a common language that makes it easier to identify strengths and address weaknesses, so that individuals and teams can perform at their highest level.

The Gateshead Health NHS Trust identified that teamwork was one of their major development areas and introduced Insights Discovery to improve communication and collaboration.


We helped the teams to:

  • Understand the behavioural preferences of individuals and how these can sometimes clash to cause conflict
  • Identify practical actions to take that would help people with different preferences work better together
  • Work together to make a more supportive and
    engaging team environment


One team worked within a particularly stressful unit and suffered from high levels of stress-related absence. After implementing Insights Discovery and taking real steps to promote its application in the workplace, absence levels were reduced from 40% to 3%.

This team has since won three national awards.


reduction in absenteeism

It is life changing and the teams that I’ve worked with have a new language.

Joanne Coleman

Safeguarding Strategic Lead, NHS Trust

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