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Embracing ‘Lilly culture’ through self-awareness

Challenge: upholding relationship culture in virtual teams

As a company, Eli Lilly have always prioritised building a relationship culture that puts people first, creates a feeling of Eli Lilly Logo psychological safety within truly inclusive teams, celebrates individual differences, and builds on their strengths. Over the past two years, when many new employees were joining and being onboarded virtually, it became more important than ever for Eli Lilly to uphold their relationship-driven culture. However, Eli Lilly faced the challenge of how to keep their teams bonded and working together during a time of growth on a company level, as well as the chaos caused by a global pandemic.


Solution: Insights Discovery Personal Profile

To support Eli Lilly during this time of change, each new employee was presented with their Insights Discovery profile to help leaders within the organisation better understand the needs and preferences of their teams, and overall build better self-awareness at an individual level. They’ve also embedded Insights Discovery and the language of colour into their leadership onboarding and individual coaching, giving everyone a framework for building relationships within their inclusive culture.

Outcome: more connected teams in a virtual environment

As Lilly leaders continued down the path of remote working with a global team, understanding the colour energies of their team members - as well as their own preferences - has helped to keep them bonded and connected.

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What Insights has done for us, is that it has brought a cultural alignment top town, from executive leadership to the leadership team, and is part of our high potential talent training as well.

Priya Prabhu

Senior Associate Director, Human Resources

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