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Empowering Professional Growth at Argenta


ArgentaEmployees at Argenta enjoy a wide array of learning opportunities and are required to actively pursue their own development.

Part of employee success is demonstrating a commitment to professional development, and employees must work on their development to receive positive performance reviews.

Employees and managers work together to map out each employee’s development path, and to look at four ‘key skills for the future’ and ask themselves: To what extent have I mastered these skills and where do I need to improve?

Training programmes aren’t limited to individuals. Argenta also expects teams take a proactive role in identifying learning opportunities.


Once a year, each team gets the chance to do a training course, and Insights Discovery is a popular option.

For some, it’s part of a learning programme put together by Argenta. For others, it corresponds to an identified professional development goal, and for yet a third group, who’ve heard about it from others, it’s an opportunity to experience the workshop for themselves.


Insights Discovery provides an ideal starting point to gain insight into everyone’s qualities and developmental opportunities.

We’re massive fans of Insights. It is, I think, the reason our programmes have been successful over time.

Kristof Heurterre


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