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Unlocking Global Potential: Aircall's Journey of Innovation and Multicultural Excellence


AircallAircall is an expanding and innovative French tech company offering a telecommunications platform to support sales operations in SMEs.

With eight years of growth under its belt and annual revenues of over $100M, Aircall has reached ‘unicorn status’ in France.

Committed to hybrid working, Aircall’s multicultural teams are comprised of 760 employees spread between Paris, New York, Madrid, Delhi, Sydney, Berlin, London and Mexico City, and represent over 40 nationalities.

This team is young and diverse, and as Aircall continues to grow, it increasingly depends on a common language to communicate fluidly, remain agile and create a true sense of belonging amongst dispersed teams around the world.

On the leadership side, managers must navigate in a complex multicultural environment with constantly expanding teams, made ever more challenging because of Aircall’s global hybrid working model.

Aware that talent development is the cornerstone of its success, this expanding company sees itself as a centre of learning excellence; it strives to support each team member with a developmental framework.

This is where Insights Discovery plays a role. Aircall integrates Insights Discovery into the heart of its corporate culture as a system to support growth and employee retention, empowering its multicultural teams to effectively navigate change.

In less ten months, nearly 475 employees have been coached using the Insights Discovery model to enhance their knowledge and empower high performing teams across the business.

"Our entire corporate culture is built on the belief that we work effectively when we communicate well with each other. Insights enables us to bring this belief to life within our teams."
Marine de Scorbiac, Vice-President Talent, Culture, Learning and Development


Aircall launch the Insights programme to its entire management team at a company seminar in Spain that brought its global employee body together for the first time since 2020.

In the run-up to this major event, the company trained and certified eight human resources managers in the Insights Discovery method, so they could lead the workshops and bring Insights to life as the heart of their HR processes.

Over the course of an exceptional day, 200 managers were introduced to the Insights colour model and how to better understand themselves and others using the language of colour energies. With a solid understanding of their profile and their team profiles, the next step was to put what they had learned from Insights Discovery into practice.

To keep the learning alive and support the Insights mindset created during the seminar in Huelva, Aircall’s eight certified Insights coaches continue to run specific face-to-face workshops:

"The managers trained in the Insights model during the seminar are now asking us to do the same with their colleagues. So we work with them on team dynamics.

We ask them to make commitments about their strengths and areas for improvement. At each monthly meeting, we take stock and readjust our efforts with regard to everyone's interaction styles", explains the manager.

This approach fits in perfectly with Aircall's ambition to position itself as a centre of learning excellence, helping individuals develop their skills at the same pace as organisational growth.

In this company, employees take control of their own training, and collaborative learning is proving to be a powerful driver of commitment.

Aircall continues to cultivate the Insights method and to deploy an innovative approach to the model within its organisation. Supported and advised by Insights and one of its partners, Aircall is experimenting with new ways of leveraging the Insights Discovery system.

"We work on innovation as if in a lab. We exchange ideas with our Insights partners, draw inspiration from the practices of other companies, and use the Connections online resources platform to build a high-performance environment tailored to our hybrid teams scattered around the world.”

"Something really happened at the workshop and Insights created a real buzz. By the time we got back from the seminar, staff were already sharing their colours on Slack."
Melissa Strong, Global Director Organizational Learning


Today, Aircall has made Insights Discovery an integral part of its corporate culture.

It’s coached 475 employees using Insights in ten months and the satisfaction rate of participants is 100%.

Aircall has integrated Insights into its onboarding process for new talent and offers all managers the opportunity to test and feedback their Insights Discovery profile.

The enthusiasm for the tool has spread throughout the company: "All our teams now come to ask us to run workshops using Insights", says Marine de Scorbiac.

Within this tech company, the Insights method has established itself as a robust tool capable of convincing employees who express a strong need for scientific validation. Based on the work of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and continually refined by Insights internal research team, Insights has won over employees.

What's more, in a world as international as Aircall's, employees appreciate its ease of use. The symbolism of the colours makes it easy for people to understand the meaning of each other's preferences and behaviours, and to overcome multicultural biases leading to effective collaboration.


satisfaction rate of the 475 employees supported by Insights

"Our teams are multicultural and hybrid. Yet we manage to remain highly agile by communicating fluidly with each other. Insights is our secret weapon for achieving this objective and continuing to grow.”
Marine de Scorbiac, Vice-President Talent, Culture, Learning and Development.

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