Vivien Buchan

Delivering value for our customers, our business, and our people.

What links classical music and keep fit classes? Meet Vivien Buchan, Finance and Governance Director at Insights...

  • If Vivien were a song, what would she be?

    If Vivien were a song she would an expertly crafted piece of classical music, upbeat with a myriad of instruments, a light melody interspersed with hugely strong crescendos – a fantastic story.

    We know this from Vivien’s Discovering Team Effectiveness journal

  • What is Vivien's Insights Discovery wheel position?

    Vivien sits at position 23 on the Insights Discovery wheel and leads with dominant Fiery Red energy. From her Discovery Personal Profile we know that Vivien is:

    • able to turn vision into reality
    • forward looking and a quick thinker
    • a change agent

  • How you may meet Vivien

    Whether at keep fit or at her desk, you’ll find Vivien working hard but also having good fun. As Financial and Operative leader at Insights, Vivien and her team can be described as the heart of the business – they make things happen. They’re passionate about delivering high quality, outstanding service to our clients.

  • Who are Vivien's heroes?

    Vivien doesn’t have one particular hero, she has many! But not in the conventional way; she has great love and respect for many people, those in her life right now and those who she’s been blessed to know.

  • Scratch the surface and you'll find

    When she’s away from her desk, Vivien can be found in her kitchen! As a mother of five, she’s become a culinary expert - her soups are legendary!

    Vivien and her husband Jim share their home with Milly, their Russian Black Terrier dog (or should that be Milly shares her home with Vivien and Jim?).

    Vivien is a lover of high quality, whether it’s fashion, food, books or people, she only has the best around her.